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Cleaning of 93# gasolin

Cleaning of 93# gasolin

 Basic knowledge of gasoline products:
Gasoline is used in spark ignition engine (i.e. special fuel gasoline engine). Gasoline appearance is generally water white transparent liquid, density is generally between 0.71-0.75g/cm3, a gasoline fragrance special. Gasoline by use of aviation gasoline and gasoline are divided, in the sale of gas station gasoline for vehicle gasoline and ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles (E10). Gasoline products current standards for GB 17930 "gasoline" standard gasoline vehicle, the standard of the grade is divided into No. 90, No. 93 and No. 97, ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles (E10) present an implementation of the standard is GB 18351 "ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles (E10)" standard, the standard gasoline the brand consists of No. 90, No. 93 and No. 97. See on the market at present 98 gasoline product implementation of product standards for the enterprise standard. With gasoline and ethanol gasoline for motor vehicle in China (E10) grade is based on the research octane number as the division basis.
Performance requirements for automotive gasoline:
1, Good antiknock;
2, Evaporation of the appropriate;

3, Good oxidation stability;

4, Corrosion resistance and good environmental requirements.
Inspection item quality characterization of gasoline:
Main test items are: characterization of the intrinsic quality of petrol gasoline antiknock (research octane number, motor octane value, antiknock index), sulfur content, vapor pressure, olefins, aromatics, benzene content, corrosion, heat.
How to choose the gasoline label:
Select the appropriate grade of gasoline, the gasoline label and the engine compression ratio matching, if the high compression ratio of the engine selection of low grade of gasoline, the gasoline engine to engine knock, knock long time, easy to cause the piston, piston ring sintering short crack fault, accelerated damage engine components; if the low compression ratio the choice of high-grade gasoline engine, can avoid the engine knock, but high grade gasoline with low compression ratio engines will change the ignition time, causing the cylinder coke increased, long-term use can reduce the service life of the engine.