Human resources

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Agency (Medicine) process.


 One,Process, a social security card:
1, to carry my identity card, any bank card (credit card payment) to the Huantai County Center Street, No. 105, human resources and Social Security Bureau Building Information Management Office (Tel: 8168682);
2, fill out the "Zibo social security card, basic information confirmation form", collected photos after the check your personal information, pay social security card fee, to receive the "Zibo social security card test" cartoon;
3, the "Zibo social security card cartoon test" to human resources department, human resources department 50 days to receive social security card.
Two, the social security card fee and use:
1, the first to receive social security card fee for each card 25 yuan, trading cards and card on each card 30 yuan fee;
2, the social security card use fixed number of year for 10 years;
The initial password 3, social security card 000000.