Company dynamic

Athletic style show, lean forward, machine repair


   On May 21, 2013 afternoon 14 when, one summer, sunny, the scene in the original catalytic plant area, workshop held its second annual skills contest contest! Before the start of the game, workshop leader comrade Wei Chenggang made the opening speech, he first of all a brief summary of the whole situation of the workshop first quarter shop construction and lean management, and through the workshop team "flowing red flag" activities of this platform about six class group of team construction schedule, affirming the achievements, but also points out the problems, and put forward the guiding suggestions and improvement measures.

Enter the skills contest program:
One, each team with skilled movements into the game
Two, labor protection products, with complete, "three close" put in place strict.
Three, site tools, accessories placed orderly, cleaning up the strict implementation of the "5S" requirements.
Between the four, each member of team coordination tacit understanding, a clear division of labor, perfect the connection.
Five, data measurement, calculation, recording strictly accurate specification.
The game finished, the team is in the 60 to 90 range, the judges instant scoring rating, and the top three teams for the award.
Workshop leader comrade Wei Chenggang made summary speech, he to everyone participating in the process of the details of the grasp, familiar with the operation process, harmony reflected team fully affirmed, and asked the shop all the cadres and staff to the tournament as an opportunity, in-depth understanding of lean philosophy. To do the job more refined, more detailed, more strict, better, more secure, and further understand the situation, self pressurized, strive to achieve new and greater achievements in the year.