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Qing seven one Huifeng Petrochemical Cup calli


    Recently, the "Qing seven one • Huifeng Petrochemical Cup" calligraphy exhibition of old cadres in the grand opening of county museum. Painting and calligraphy exhibition jointly organized by the County Bureau of retired veteran cadres, veteran Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group, painting and calligraphy association. Deputy Secretary of the county committee, the county CPPCC Chairman Liu Chunjie, the first deputy director of the county people's Congress Standing Committee, Huantai Dongyue fluorine and silicone material Industry Park Commission Director Gao Lianyi, the Standing Committee of the county committee, Minister Liu Shuai attended the opening ceremony, Deputy Group Company general manager Xu Long attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
    Xu Changcun to the old leadership, cadres brief report to the development of group companies in recent years, and on behalf of all the old cadre group company's concern and support expressed heartfelt thanks. Also hope that the old cadre and social friends from all walks of life as in the past attention to development of HSBC, mention many valuable suggestions and opinions for the development of the company.
    The painting and calligraphy exhibition is the big show a painting and calligraphy art, exhibited a total of more than 150 pieces of works of painting and calligraphy works, distinctive theme, rich in content, fully reflects the broad masses of cadres in the party's true feelings, is a gift to the party's ninety-two year old birthday.