Company dynamic

About the registration notice of the graduates in



1, registration place: Huantai County, Zibo City, Guo Li Zhen Huifeng Petrochemical office building four building human resources department.
2, report time: 2013.07.10-2013.07.15
3, the required materials: ID, graduation certificate, degree certificate and photocopy; bedding, kettle, toiletries, tableware and other personal items.
4, the riding route: Zibo long-distance station, train station take bus or taxi:
Solution: train station by taxi, cost about 35 yuan.
Scheme two: take bus 164 (Zhangdian Yu Long), get off at South East Petrochemical Company Office building;
Scheme three: take bus 51 (Zhangdian - Huantai), fruit station south to South East petrochemical, arrive at the office;
5, the company address: Huantai County, Zibo City, the town of Petrochemical Road East first.
6, Tel: 0533-8407183 13953366040 (Mr. Chen)