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Harbin refined oil prices today 16 when raised 93


    Harbin daily news (reporter Wen Jinglu) reporter yesterday from the Municipal Price Bureau was informed that, due to temperature changes, price administration combined with results on the density, in February 2nd 16 when the Omaha District, county (city) under the jurisdiction of gas station per litre steam, diesel maximum retail price adjustments.
    93# gasoline retail prices of the highest adjusted to 7.47 yuan per liter, than before adjustment by 0.07 yuan per liter of gasoline; 97# the highest retail prices adjusted for the 8.13 yuan per liter, than before adjustment by 0.08 yuan per liter; -35# diesel maximum retail price adjusted to 8.18 yuan per liter, compared with the adjustment of by 0.07 yuan per liter.