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Chemical industry: international oil prices contin


    Oriental Chemical strategy perspective: polyester staple fiber, ethylene glycol prices affected by seasonal factors, the early rise this week to fall, but MDI, propylene oxide, hard foam polyether polyurethane raw material prices continue to rebound, the rebound in larger epoxy propane, or weeks to reach 7%, in addition, this week domestic urea, potash fertilizer prices rose slightly. Basic chemical continue to recommend to underestimate the value of 1), identified growth of domestic building energy saving raw material MDI leading enterprises; 2) conversion plate benefit from agricultural modernization new compound fertilizer producers Jin Zhengda (002470, overweight), and customer channels, product structure and pesticide enterprise evergreen shares (002391, overweight) and intermediate Business League of science and Technology (002250, 3) to buy); safety accidents in Yangquan coal production may push up coal prices, Hualu Hengsheng urea enterprises bituminous coal technology leading (600426, buy) and Hubei Yihua (000422, buy). The petroleum chemical industry concerned about the proposed performance excellent Sinopec (600028, buy) and liquefied gas deep processing enterprises Qixiang Tengda (002408, buy), Jiangshan chemical (002061, not rated) and the sea shares (600387, not rated). Orient Securities basic chemical team this week released Jin Zhengda, evergreen shares tracking report, please pay attention.
    Nymex crude oil futures prices rose 2.1%, to close at $95.56 a barrel last friday. Natural gas futures prices closed at 3.57MMBtu, up 7.2%; Singapore FOB price of diesel is reported at 126.85 U. S. dollars / barrel, down 0.1%, Singapore gasoline prices of $118.70 a barrel, up 0.3%; FOB European port of gasoline is 978.5 U. S. dollars / ton, up 0.6%, FOB New York port of gasoline is 282.30 U. S. dollars / ton, up 2.5% naphtha; Japan the CIF price of US $951.75 / ton, up 0.2%. International oil price index was 321 last Friday fell 1.1%, to $20.33 a barrel.
East China TDI reported 22000 yuan / ton, flat; Huadong polymerization MDI at 18600 yuan / ton, up 0.5%, pure MDI reported 21000 yuan / ton, up 1%.
    East China BDO reported 15200 yuan / ton, flat, Guodian Ningxia yinglite 200000 tons BDO project will be completed by the end of, at the same time, the largest BDO project of Henan coal group, Hebi 100000 tons / year BDO project officially put into commercial operation, and the quality of finished products to reach the domestic optimal. East China PTMEG reported 27000 yuan / ton, flat. Spandex 40D reported 44400 yuan tons, flat East benzene of 10700 yuan / ton, up 0.9%; phenol 11400 yuan / ton, up 3.6%; East China bisphenol A14600 yuan / ton, down 1.4%. Acetone for the price of 8500 yuan / ton, down 3.4%; methyl ethyl ketone for the price of 9000 yuan / ton, flat in Inner Mongolia Wuhai area firsts calcium carbide low-end price of 2850 yuan / ton, flat. Calcium carbide PVC reported 6350 yuan / ton, flat. East China caustic soda price 3250 yuan / ton, flat. Shandong soda ash price 1250 yuan / ton, flat East glycol reported 8680 yuan / ton, down 2.5%. East China PTA8800 yuan / ton, down 0.8%. Shandong area of viscose staple fiber in the ex factory price of 14450 yuan / ton, up 0.7%.
    Last week in the first half of 2013, potash fertilizer signed contract with potash, the contract amount is 1000000 tons, the price is $400 / ton CFR. Jiangsu area of urea wholesale low-end price at 2220 yuan / ton, up 0.9%. The United States the direction of large granule urea low-end price 395 dollars / ton, flat non Arabia region last week, last week Jiangsu 64% Xuzhou Sanhuan Cargill two amine wholesale price quotation 3350 yuan / ton, flat. Last week Vancouver potash FOB US $440 / ton, flat. Jiangsu area of Russian 60% potassium chloride, offer 2890 yuan / ton, up 3.2%.