About us

Address from chairman

   First of all, on behalf of Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. all cadres and workers, thanks to the social from all walks of life over the years to our care and support to express my heartfelt!

  Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. is located 3 km north of Jinan Qingdao expressway, 803 provincial highway (formerly State Road 205) east of the Huantai Zibo high tech Development Zone, east of Zi east railway, adjacent to the farm in the train station, traffic location is very convenient.
  Company since its establishment in 1992, in Huantai County, the county government and the fruit in the correct leadership of the town Party committee, government, adhere to the development as the first priority, to reform as the first motive force, grab seize opportunity, accelerate development. After just a few years time, the company from the dozens of small refinery has developed into the total assets of 9000000000 yuan, annual processing capacity of 15000000 tons. To high-quality gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, propane, MTBE, heavy traffic asphalt, petroleum coke as the leading products of modern enterprise group. Has won the "China chemical industry 500 strong", "national top 500 private enterprise" "Fumin Xinglu labor Award", "Zibo City meritorious enterprise" and other honorary titles.
  Currently the group to highway and railway transportation, manufacturing and logistics characteristics, to comprehensive logistics service production, sales, as one of the cross industry enterprise forward.
  "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, in the face of new situation, new opportunities, new task, we will fully implement the scientific outlook on development, to establish modern enterprise management system standardization, standardization, scientific, and actively promote the construction of enterprise information, enterprise culture construction, strengthen the management innovation, technology innovation and culture innovation, further improve the product structure, and strive to in 2013 sales revenue of 26000000000 yuan, 1200000000 yuan in profits and taxes, to build the company into a clean, green, garden style with a strong core competitiveness and the core value of the petrochemical industrial park. At the same time, the company will further implement the "big eighteen" spirit, carry forward the development idea of "work together, win-win, innovation pursuit of excellence, dedication to society", and strive to enhance the profitability and core competitiveness, promote enterprise to do do actor strong, change, change to the fine management, to achieve faster and better development, return the love and support of society from all walks of life.
All within the four seas are friends! Here, I represent Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. to extend my sincere greetings to friends at home and abroad! The company is willing to wholeheartedly with the community to carry out exchanges and cooperation, wide hand in hand, create a better future!