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   As a national "key areas of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution" 1025 "planning" and "Shandong province 2013-2020 atmospheric pollution prevention and control planning" full implementation, the company actively adjust the industrial structure, promote the fine production.

2000000 tons / year oil quality upgrade technological transformation projects with a total investment amount of 560000000 yuan of construction company; 1000000 IV / gasoline quality upgrading projects with a total investment of 950000000 yuan.
In promoting the project construction at the same time, the oil quality upgrade, group company for synchronization upgrade for testing equipment and technology, through the introduction of world-class testing equipment, continuously strengthen the detection power. The company invested 12000000 imported from the United States best octane number measuring machine and sixteen octane testing machine, high frequency reciprocating rig equipment investment of 700000 British PCS company of German Jena atomic absorption spectrophotometer and investment of 120 yuan of production, in order to improve the detection level and ensure product quality to provide strong support.


The United States of America Best octane number measuring machine
 Gasoline octane number measuring machine
 Liquefied petroleum gas measuring machine
The British PCS high-frequency reciprocating rig